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This website served as an informative resource for explaining the benefits of satellite television over traditional cable TV programming and helping consumers choose which provider best meets their viewing needs: DIRECTV or Dish Network.

Content is from the site's 2010 archived pages.
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An aside: When it comes to satellite TV providers, you really only have two choices: DISH and DIRECTV. In 2010 this was a great site that educated consumers and helped you to order your satellite TV service. Jump ahead to 2020. There are now more sites via an online search for DIRECTV and Dish Network satellite TV that offer opinions about which is better and opportunities to buy services.
Opinion: DISH vs DIRECTV: DISH is the best tv service provider for the money, but DIRECTV offers more HD channels. DIRECTV is also known for better sports packages. DISH is known for the better DVR that automatically skips commercials in selected primetime recordings. So there you have it. Depending upon your preference you can now get right down to selecting your TV package that will satisfy your viewing preferences.

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Welcome to Super Satellite Selection!

Satellite TV Guide to DIRECTV and Dish Network

Welcome to Super Satellite Selection, your comphensive guide to information about DIRECTV and Dish Network satellite TV options!

Use our website to learn about High Definition Television (HD TV), Digital Video Recording (DVR), and special current offers like our NFL Sunday Ticket package from DIRECTV. Super Satellite offers informative, researched content to help guide your decision-making process!

Choosing the proper satellite TV provider is an important decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Allow our industry research to guide you on making a decision between DIRECTV and Dish Network today. We have compiled information for you, the consumer, on several comphensive subpages. These subpages include information on each of the satellite television providers available. For information on DIRECTV, click on the corresponding page. For more details on Dish Network, visit the subpage for that satellite TV provider.

You can also use our website to compare features of both DIRECTV and Dish Network side-by-side. Whether you want information on DIRECTV HD or Dish Network DVR, we have done the research for you. Compare features now to learn more about DIRECTV and Dish Network service.

Whatever your choice, satellite TV service from DIRECTV or Dish Network is a must-have for today's 21st century television viewer. We hope you will use our research to help you make this important entertainment decision for your home.

For those who have already chosen a satellite TV provider, don’t waste any more time! Order your satellite TV service today and receive better rates, better customer service, and better viewing quality! DIRECTV or Dish Network are both eager to take your order. What are you waiting for?



U.S. Satellite Networks

All satellite TV providers on the U.S. market today are a part of either Direct TV or Dish Network. The two networks are proven competitors. A portion of the companies shown in our list are part of Dish Network, the other portion are part of Direct TV. All of the satellite TV providers in our list serve at least the lower 48 states.

The Satellite TV Advantage The advantages of Satellite TV and Internet include:

-Crystal clear digital reception, better than cable.

-A lower cost per channel than cable.

-Complete coverage and availability.

Order anywhere in the U.S. and get prompt installation from an approved installer, often for free. -Lack of storm or local outages. -Movability. Often receive a free dish when you move.

Choose a Satellite TV Service Provider





DIRECTV transmits digital satellite signals to households across the United States as well as Latin America. For subscribers in Alaska & Hawaii, these subscribers must maintain a different type of satellite dish.

A direct broadcast satellite television service, DIRECTV transmits digital satellite signals to households across the United States as well as Latin America. For subscribers in Alaska & Hawaii, these subscribers must maintain a different type of satellite dish.

Regarding HD programming, DIRECTV offers competitive satellite TV packages for its subscribers. Standard digital packages are available for a variety of subscribers as well.

Whether you're a HD or non-HD enthusiasts, DIRECTV offers something for everyone. If you're into movie or sports, ON DEMAND or pay per view (PPV) options are available by the click of a remote, or can be ordered online as well.

A variety of deals are offered for those looking to start a new subscription with DIRECTV. Many of these offers are non-advertised and can be learned by calling their toll free number: 1-866-768-1216. A professional regarding satellite TV and DIRECTV practices can also answer any question you may have that has not been covered elsewhere on this site or on the FAQs subpage.

DIRECTV is a valued satellite TV provider. Try DIRECTV today! Order online or pick up the phone today. Installation can be completed in as little as 24 hours. See television differently than you ever thought imaginable and for a fraction of the cost.



Dish Network

Dish Network

Dish Network offers its subscribers a large package base to choose from. With local programming only an additional $5 a month and no additional equipment required to view this programming, subscribers are happy to maintain their neighborhood broadcasts.

Another professional satellite TV provider, Dish Network offers its subscribers a large package base to choose from. With local programming only an additional $5 a month and no additional equipment required to view this programming, subscribers are happy to maintain their neighborhood broadcasts.

Satellite TV is a higher quality television visual experience. As for HD (high-definition), Dish Network offers a variety of HD packages as well to supplement standard packages as well. HD access can be added for just $9.99 per month to any traditional package.

International programming is another added bonus for Dish TV subscribers. A variety of packages includes ENTIRE all international packages are available through a package. Order dish network online today or call their toll free number: 1-866-580-0687.

A satellite dish from Dish Network can provide quality, satellite TV enjoyment. What are you waiting for? Dish TV can provide you higher quality, less costly television starting today. Order today!



Local Satellite TV Services

Satellite TV

As a television viewer, we recognize the importance of having local channel programming. With a new satellite TV subscription, the importance and ease of finding a provider who offers local channel programming is atop a priority list for new subscribers. This page will instruct you on where to find more comprehensive information on the local service available for you.

Nearly 94% of the nation's TVs can be provided with local channel programming. HD is also provided in select markets with a satellite dish and satellite TV subscription from DIRECTV or DISH Network. For information regarding local programming in your area, please select your area from the list below:

District of Columbia
Illinois Indiana
Missouri Montana
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Oklahoma Oregon
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

What if my area isn't on this list?
If your area isn't showcased on our comprehensive list, you simply need to install an off-air antenna. Essentially if you are close to a tower and can capture these signals, you will still gain local channel programming. To view this programming, you will have to change your remote to antenna. Select HD markets are available as well. For more information on local channel programming and HD packages, contact a satellite TV customer service representative either online or through their toll free number! Getting satellite TV service has never been easier. Begin saving money today AND don't lose out on local channel programming either. Get the best of both worlds in satellite TV enjoyment. Call today.