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Satellite TV and Satellite Internet Guide to DIRECTV and HughesNet

Welcome to Super Satellite Selection, your comprehensive guide to information about DIRECTV and HughesNet Satellite TV and Satellite Internet options! This website will serve as an informative resource for explaining the benefits of satellite television over traditional cable TV programming and help you choose which provider best meets your viewing needs: DIRECTV or HughesNet. Use our website to learn about High Definition Television (HD TV), Digital Video Recording (DVR), and special current offers like our NFL Sunday Ticket package from DIRECTV. Super Satellite offers informative, researched content to help guide your decision-making process!

Choosing the proper Satellite TV and Satellite Internet provider is an important decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Allow our industry research to guide you on making a decision between DIRECTV and HughesNet today. We have compiled information for you, the consumer, on several comprehensive subpages. These subpages include information on each of the satellite television providers available. For information on DIRECTV, click on the corresponding page. For more details on HughesNet, visit the subpage for that Satellite TV and Satellite Internet provider.

You can also use our website to compare features of both DIRECTV and HughesNet side-by-side. Whether you want information on DIRECTV HD or HughesNet DVR, we have done the research for you. Compare features now to learn more about DIRECTV and HughesNet service.

Whatever your choice, Satellite TV and Satellite Internet service from DIRECTV or HughesNet is a must-have for today's 21st century television viewer. We hope you will use our research to help you make this important entertainment decision for your home.

For those who have already chosen a Satellite TV and Satellite Internet provider, don’t waste any more time! Order your Satellite TV and Satellite Internet service today and receive better rates, better customer service, and better viewing quality! DIRECTV or HughesNet are both eager to take your order. What are you waiting for?


DIRECTV transmits digital satellite signals to households across the United States as well as Latin America. For subscribers in Alaska & Hawaii, these subscribers must maintain a different type of satellite dish.


HughesNet offers its subscribers a large package base to choose from. With local programming only an additional $5 a month and no additional equipment required to view this programming, subscribers are happy to maintain their neighborhood broadcasts.

Satellite TV and Satellite Internet

As a television viewer, we recognize the importance of having local channel programming. With a new Satellite TV and Satellite Internet subscription, the importance and ease of finding a provider who offers local channel programming is atop a priority list for new subscribers.